Do I have to win by 2?

No, you have worked hard enough...  Accept victory when you get exactly 21.

Can we play with 3 players?

Absolutely!  Technically you could play with only one person, but it might not be as fun.  We don't mention 3 player games in the rules for the benefit of simplicity, yet you could certainly play 2 vs. 1.  All obvious rules apply.

Is this a gentlemen's game?

While handshakes and good sportsmanship are always welcomed, this game is for everyone.  Be careful fellas... The ladies (especially the softball players) seem to be pretty good at this one!

What makes this game fun?

The wooden ping sound that is made when the bocce ball hits the wiket.  No sh*t... That is what makes it fun...

Can Wiketz be played on concrete?

Technically, yes... but it will likely be the last time you play with that set of Wiketz.

Will I find myself chasing these balls all over the place?

Look... You are tossing a spherical object on flat land.... They will roll...  With that said, the requirement to throw with arch (at least chest high) will diminish the amount of roll/ball chasing/etc.  Most players attempt to stop the ball after the ball hits the Wiketz, making this a non issue.